The Real Debacle of the Oil Spill

There are about a million reasons why the oil spill is such a problem. But the issue I see comes in the form of missed opportunity. The senate was ready to take up a rare bipartisan energy bill soon co-sponsored by a Democrat, an Independent and a Republican. Sure, the bill has its problems but it genuinely is a shot at real reform that will seriously kick-in growth of R & D and implementation of renewable's.

But instead we got bogged down in a debate about what to take up first, energy or immigration.

The lost opportunity comes in the fact that there is no better time for a debate about energy policy (from my perspective anyhow) than right on the heels of a great "un-natural" disaster that comes from our old ways of generating power.

Nobody predicted the spill to happen now... but it is not too late to put energy policy on the agenda. Just when our televisions are blaring why the old way is so bad is right in our face.