Speaking of Banks

Just for fun, lets say you inherited 4 million dollars from someone you didn't know. You could live off the interest right? After taxes, say 200K per year. So long as you don't screw with the principal, you have created a scenario of sustainable development. As a human you are still going to develop. Some of that interest paid to you will be invested for development (like buying a house or personal development training), but you haven't spent the principal so even if you lose the entire investment your still in a sustainable situation.

Isn't humanity in the same situation? The resources of the earth are our principal. We can use some of them and they grow back. But if we take more than the earth can regenerate, as a global society we are not in a sustainable life. Eventually the principal will run out and we will quickly starve to death.

Normally I focus on issues for entreprenuers and business owners... I know none of us alone can create a sustainable society. But the sum of our choices will create the tipping point that brings it about.

Vote with your dollars and your choices.