How your pee can save the planet

GGE: Ep 1- Who knew your pee could save the planet?


Did you know your urine is full of nutrients that can be turned into rich fertilizer.

Kim Nace is the Founding Director of Rich Earth Institute. Her organization turns human urine into fertilizer. This pioneering work supports sustainable agriculture and protects vital water resources.

Her story is about more than just reshaping your loo. Its a jouney of surrounding herself with the right people to not just have a vision, but to create a research organization that is making strides in seeing that vision to reality.

The early phases of new systems is one of the most difficult social entrepreneur struggles there can be. There is little funding and the systems (building code, sanitation, environmental, financial...) are all working against her. And yet she find a way to get this work done and run a financially stable organization.

This is an interesting story of grit and innovation.