How to Get Lucky

Ask successful entrepreneurs about their story and the conversation almost always comes to a point when the business owner says "I was at the Widgets International conference and got lucky, I met Big Influencer." While the event may have felt like luck, lots of things had to happen before that moment to leverage the happenstance meeting into something bigger.

The chance meeting turned into something bigger because the entrepreneur had already put in the work. She built her website, had blog posts up and things being sold or given away. It wasn't perfect, but it let Big Influencer know that she had been getting stuff done and not just thinking and dreaming.

Then she spent the money and time to go to the conference where Big Influencer was hanging out.

That "lucky" encounter at the conference was not coincidental. By putting in the work first, then spending time going to the show, connecting with Big Influencer was just a matter of time.

The "chance encounter" will grow into something bigger when we have our work to show as fertilizer for the relationship.