Anger for Greater Good

Anger can be a great motivator. When anger turns into action, change happens.

When we organize a boycott, write an article,  bring together a roundtable discussion, mentor someone, help a neighbor, participate in a business or non-profit that aligns with our mission, or any of the hundreds of other activities we can do; that is when we see the benefits of anger.

What does not help is getting angry and just complaining. Complaining is bad for the soul and repels the very people you want to engage.

Every action plants a seed in the forest of greater good. The more plants, the greater the size of the forest. Our systems encourage the planting of bad seeds. Fight the tide by planting more good seeds than bad and eventually the forest of greater good will overtake the forest of doing evil.

Anger can be a great motivator. But anger without action breeds discontent and ill health. When enough of us turn anger into greater good action is when the tide changes.