There’s a movement afoot!

No matter what you call it, there is momentum for a new kind of capitalism… a sustainable economy that is not dependent on depleting non-renewable resources and exploiting our fellow man. It goes by many names: Social entrepreneurship

Sustainable economics

Conscious capitalism

Green economics

Green business

Sustainable business

Corporate Social Responsibility

Socially Conscious business

B Companies

Capitalism 3.0

Sustainable Consumption

There are more buzzwords and acronyms, and they do have slightly different meanings. If I am an executive at a large multinational company, social entreprenuership represents different things than corporate social responsibility. From a big picture perspective though, they are similar.

There is a critical mass of people in the world building now that can see that our planet and population simply cannot maintain unsustainable systems for much longer. And there are enough people in that camp now that things are starting to move.

Some evidence of this movement could be the abundance of conferences on the subject, the recognition at the world economic forum to make Sustainable Economics a key pillar, the many different blogs on the subject and the appointment of people in the executive suite at large multinationals that are focused on sustainability. One thing is for sure, there is now pressure from the top (the C-Suite and global economic initiatives) and the bottom (entrepreneurs and small businesses; individual choices making a difference in large economies).

That tells me it’s a movement and not a fad. And I am happy the movement is here. What will you do to move it forward faster?