Anger for Greater Good

Anger can be a great motivator. When anger turns into action, change happens.

When we organize a boycott, write an article,  bring together a roundtable discussion, mentor someone, help a neighbor, participate in a business or non-profit that aligns with our mission, or any of the hundreds of other activities we can do; that is when we see the benefits of anger.

What does not help is getting angry and just complaining. Complaining is bad for the soul and repels the very people you want to engage.

Every action plants a seed in the forest of greater good. The more plants, the greater the size of the forest. Our systems encourage the planting of bad seeds. Fight the tide by planting more good seeds than bad and eventually the forest of greater good will overtake the forest of doing evil.

Anger can be a great motivator. But anger without action breeds discontent and ill health. When enough of us turn anger into greater good action is when the tide changes.



How to Make Selling Easy

Stand for Something

When we stand for something, features (beyond the minimum requirements) become irrelevant.

The hardest part about selling is building trust. Stand for something; then you'll have the confidence of those in your camp. They'll buy from you because they like you and genuinely want to support your commitment.

When we stand for something in public, we speak for those that feel unheard and this builds engagement no advertising or PR can offer.


Your Million Dollar Race Horse

What if you had a million dollar race horse? Would you feed it mediocre food? Would you let it skip random exercise days? Would you let it oversleep and then get drunk a few times a week? Of course, you wouldn't.

Do you let yourself do these things?

Why do we treat ourselves so much worse than we treat pets or possessions?




* Thanks to "Evolved Enterprise" by Yanik Silver for the inspiration.

Kusikuy Clothing

GGE Ep 6: - Kusikuy Clothing with Tamara Stenn

Dr. Tamara Stenn is quite an entrepreneur. By age 25 she already had her a successful advertising firm. She gave that up to go into the Peace Corps. Then came back home and started a business while getting her masters degree.

While owning the business, she got her Ph.D. and taught economics and entrepreneurship.

Now, she is restarting another socially conscious business, Kusikuy. 

ASRA Foods

GGE: Ep 5 - ASRA Foods with Jill Ouazzani

When they followed their dreams and moved to Vermont life was great. Beautiful surroundings, great quality of life, educational opportunities. It was perfect... well, except for the olive oil.

Vermont is a leader in great local foods, but without great olive oil these foods weren't fully meeting their potential. At least not to the Ouazzani crew.

So they decided to combine their passion of helping small farmers with the need for great olive oil into a business.

ASRA foods was born from that passion. Listen to how Jill and Simo Ouazzani are navigating a brand new family, jobs and a new businesses. And kicking ass at all of it.

These are truly great people. Enjoy!

Global Social Entrepreneurs Lab

GGE: Ep 4 - Global Social Entrepreneurs Lab

Today we get to know Danielle Carruthers.

She is the founder of Global Social Entrepreneurs Lab and The great thing about what Danielle does is bring people together. She knows how to tap the wisdom of crowds to find great solutions to world changing problems.

Independent TV & Film Festival Rocks

GGE: Ep 3 - Independent Television and Film Festival


Indiewire Magazine has called it "The Sundance of Independent Television."

Although it has only been in Vermont for a few years, the ITVFest is changing the face of Dover and growing the credibility of southern Vermont as a national leader of indpendent art.

The social good mission of the festival is to help those without connections and big budgets get on the radar of big studios like HBO, CBS and STARZ network.

The story behind ITVFest moving to Vermont is a real life example of "The Little Engine That Could."

Grab a beverage and hear how Philip Gilpin transformed this from a "cute idea that nobody thought could work" into an industry powerhouse.

Good Body Products Does It Good

GGE: Ep 2 - Good Body Products does it Good

We put so much attention on what goes into our body and yet so little to what goes on it.

Good Body Products in Guilford Vermont has built an amazing business that uses only locally grown ingredients to create wonderful items that go on your body.

Just as importantly the business provides a great life for the founders, a wonderful couple, and thier family. Listen to Trish Thomas tell how she and her husband Chris balance work, life and family.

Eric Lowitt, Author of "The Future of Value"

Cover for The Future of ValueIn today's podcast we hear a great story from Eric Lowitt about how he is following his dreams and helping move sustainability forward in the business sector. I can't wait to get my hands on his new book "The Future of Value" when it comes out in late September. Eric has a passion for sustainability that is unstoppable. He also has that rare set of business experience and real world school of hard knocks that makes his story great. We'll hear what seperates his book from the others and what his clients are doing to become more sustainable.

Eric has done what so many entrepreneurs would love to do. He has taken his passion, written a book, and is now out there doing the work he loves. It is good for his customers, good for the economy and good for Eric. A true win-win-win. Best of all, he is just a great personable guy.

Please pardon the poor editing and less than perfect sound quality. I was trying some new equipment. Regardless, the content is top notch.